Downtown area (TSUM)

≈33 USD per night  
Unique number: 101
District: Downtown area (TSUM)
Adress: 74 Zheltokhsan st - Alimzhanov st.
Room number: 1
Rate the apartment (4.0)

Space of apartments: 32 sq.m. 2 sofa bed. Maximum guests: 2 adult + 2 children.

In the west such apartmenst a called "Bachelor".
Flat-studio after renovation. Furnished with all necessary: TV set, microwave oven, air conditioner, fridge, tableware.
Digital cable Tv, Wi-Fi Internet, telephone.

Ideal for one person for a short period of time. There is always fresh sheets and bath towels in the apartment.
Ground floor, brick house, improoved layout.

Location: between the terminals and the Central Department Store.
Nearby are shops: "Mon Ami", "MEXX", "Marks & Spencer" etc.

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