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Парк 28-ми Панфиловцев

11 800
в сутки


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Since our prices are indicated taking into account accommodation for 3 (three) or more nights.
Accommodation for 1-2 nights only
  • One night - +25%
  • Two nights - +15%

  • The recalculation will be carried out upon check-in in the apartment of your choice.

    To rent an apartment for a short period, it is advisable to use the booking.

    Of course, you can make a reservation without prepayment. But in this case, your rate will only be "Standard" and we will not be able to guarantee you the apartment you have chosen on the day of your arrival. We will offer a free option (if available), corresponding in quality and price. You can of course make a reservation without prepayment But in this case, your tariff will only "Standard" and we cannot guarantee you the chosen apartment for a day Your arrival. We will offer a free version (if available), appropriate in quality and price.

    Pay attention! When checking into an apartment, a monetary fee and a copy of the document (identity identity, passport). And also, an insurance deposit (for keys and safety of property), returned upon departure and return of the keys from apartments.

    Check-in time at the apartment is from 12-30 to 22-00. If you want to move into the apartment before this time (for example, early in the morning), you need to book an apartment a day earlier. If you come late at night let us know about it and we will settle you in the indicated by you time.
    Check-out time - until 11-30.