Renting an apartment for a short time. Advice:

Apartments in Almaty. How to rent an apartment in Almaty?

Quite often people ask such a banal question “ How to rent an apartment in Almaty ”. Of course, there are plenty of ways to rent apartments in Almaty, from asking friends and acquaintances to calling out newspaper ads. Unfortunately, these ways to rent an apartment in Almaty are not the best.

How to properly rent an apartment for a short time

Whatever one may say, but renting an apartment for a short time is the best replacement for hotels. Every day, more and more visitors choose this particular path, therefore the number of landlords is constantly growing. This also applies to our southern capital - Almaty. But do not forget that the number of people who are not averse to making extra money on such a business by fraudulent means is also growing ...

Apartment for a week in Almaty.

Every year the number of rental bureaus and the number of people willing to rent out apartments in Almaty, and not always their own, is increasing at an incredible rate. There are dozens of them even in small towns, let alone Almaty! In a city with more than a million people, any visitor can get confused and rent an apartment at high prices, with low service and many other problems.